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Questions about the behaviour or usage of tags, which are keywords or labels that categorise and group your question with other, similar questions.

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Convert [postposition]/[postpositions] to [particle]

I think particle fits better than postposition/postpositions for the translation of the word “조사.” The word “postposition” means a somewhat different thing: a word or morpheme placed after the word ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Do we need a technology tag?

There have been a few questions related to electronic dictionaries or other electronic resources for studying Korean Why do some words show XX-X다 (들어-오다) form in a dictionary? What is a good ...
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How to create a tag such as 'adjective-ending'?

I just posted a question about verb and adjective endings. How many verb/adjective endings are there? There are tags 'verb', 'verb-endings' and 'adjective', but not 'adjective-endings'. Should there ...
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Use of dialect tags

I added south-korean and north-korean to What, if any, are the primary differences between Korean as spoken in the North and that spoken in the South? since they seemed relevant. However, the former ...
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