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How does stackexchange search for non English words work (or Korean specifically if that matters)?

NOTE: originally attempted to ask on stackexchage meta, but couldn't due to some problems. Let's take searching for this question as an example If I search for "금수회이록", 금수회이록, 회이록, I get a 0 ...
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First moderator flag declined

I raised a custom mod flag with this text: A-ing~♡ This means in Korean: 아잉~♡ But it was declined: Why is this not a "valid flag"? Why did the mods decline me to act cute/aegyo here?
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What should be done about untagged questions?

I recently saw an untagged tag, supposedly created by Community One of our helpful users has proposed the following as tag wiki excerpt: This is a special tag that is designed to be used only ...
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Would it be a good idea to migrate Korean-related questions posted on Linguistics SE?

In Linguistics Beta Stack Exchange (LSE), there are questions that could be posted on Korean Language Beta Stack Exchange (KSE) as follows: Irregular Fortition(경음화, 된소리 되기) in Modern Korean Rules of ...
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I think we have a system problem that doesn't show new questions immediately [Problem Solved]

I once asked a Meta question "I can't see my question Where does "약방의 감초" originate and what does it mean exactly? as it was invisible for a few hours after I posted it. I deleted it after I ...
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