In Linguistics Beta Stack Exchange (LSE), there are questions that could be posted on Korean Language Beta Stack Exchange (KSE) as follows:

Irregular Fortition(경음화, 된소리 되기) in Modern Korean

Rules of Yale Romanization of Korean

Criteria for separating Korean words

How did Korean become a language isolate?

The true place of articulation of Korean affricates

How to distinguish Korean “ㅔ” /e/ and “ㅐ” /ɛ/?

Does Korean have two classes of adjectives correlating to the -i and -na adjectives of Japanese?

What was the most usual and most recent system of writing Korean without any hangul at all?

Korean syllable-final ㅅ in Hangul transcription of loanwords

Where can orthographic Korean words be split at the end of a line?

Looking for korean text corpus

Why was korea able to remove kanji but japan wasn't when both languages use homophones?

Some might say that a few of them are more closely related with LSE than KSE, but all of them are related with the Korean language in one way or another.

Would it be a good idea to migrate Korean-related questions posted on LSE to KSE? What would be an ideal way to do that?

  • lets just cross post all the questions and answers here and get more views
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If these questions are on topic at Linguistics, they should stay on Linguistics. Beta sites are expected to grow organically, by new questions and answers being posted - not by acquiring a data dump from another site.

The SE position on this is stated in Respect the community - your own, and others’, which says in part

don't attempt to scavenge on-topic questions from other sites by asking the moderators there to migrate them to yours.

  • Thanks for the answer. I learn one thing every day.
    – user7
    Commented Jul 23, 2016 at 17:21

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