https://korean.stackexchange.com/questions/2073/need-the-word-happiness-translated-and-drawn currently looks like a question that could be answered with a dictionary. (I think my own question What do Koreans call Genghis Khan? could be closed for the same reason, as endic.naver.com gives the answer.)

We are allowed three custom close reasons, and I was wondering if these kind of cases would warrant one. Something like:

Simple reference questions that can be answered by a resource such as a dictionary are off-topic. If you have already looked up an answer but still have questions, please include details in your question on the reference you have consulted and what still needs to be clarified.

What do people feel about this close reason? Does it agree with our help center advice? How can we make the close reason as helpful and friendly as possible? Should we somehow link to some example dictionaries?


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