Although we haven't had much of a problem with off-topic questions of any kind being asked yet, we wanted to be proactive in starting our on-topic page. It contains a brief mention of general reference questions, as in the simplest cases it seemed obvious that our site shouldn't try to duplicate general reference resources. However, all ideas on on-topic/off-topic should come from the community - hence this question.

  • @Rathony I was giving it a day. Now closed. Commented Oct 2, 2016 at 23:19

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Simple questions on how to read and write 한글 that would be answered fully by a basic language tutorial or reference should be off-topic. (If a user has consulted such references but still has difficulty, they can still ask a question on their particular difficulty - e.g. Why does Google Translate Pronounce '일' like hi'je?)

Although we're fine with questions on word usage, nuances of meaning, and word distinction, very simple questions like "what is the word for tree in Korean" should be off-topic (perhaps users asking such questions could be pointed to this resource question).


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